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What is the Gut Microbiome? 


Let’s talk about the gut microbiome: What is our gut microbiome? Why is it important for our overall health and well-being? What happens when the gut becomes dysfunctional?

Gut Microbiota Are Changing Everything We Thought We Know About Good Health 


This video covers some important questions about the importance of a health microbiome and the functions in plays in our bodies: What are the functions of the gut microbiome? What can damage the gut microbiome? What can you do to support you gut microbiome?

How a Healthy Gut Microbiome Can Protect Against Disease


This video talks about what happens when the gut becomes dysfunctional, and the role probiotics and FMT can play in restoring it: What diseases are tied to gut dysfunction? What can restore the gut microbiome? 

What is FMT? Fecal Microbiota Transplantation Explained


This video covers what FMT is and how it might be a successful treatment option for many diseases, or so the research is set to find out. 

The Long History of FMT


FMT isn’t anything new, it has been around for over 1,700 years in some way, shape or form, and this video covers the history of from 4th century china to today. 

Can Poop Pills Health Your Gut Microbiome?


This video talks about the different methods of administration for FMT with a special focus on a new method, FMT capsules and what is the difference between upper and lower routes of FMT administration?

Fresh Vs Frozen Stool Preparations for FMT… Does it Matter?


This video covers the different stool preparations utilized for FMT and gets down to the answer of if fresh or frozen stool is better, according to the research. It also talks in details about the benefits of using frozen stool, and how it can the use of FMT.

How Can Frozen Poop Heal Your Gut Health


This video talks about some big question about the use of a frozen stool in FMT, is the microbiome the same after it’s been frozen? What about stability and the preservation of the microbiome after it has been frozen? How much of the beneficial microbiota survives being frozen? These are key questions as the utilization of frozen stool is on the rise.

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